Our Project

In the past several years we have placed many volunteers around various parts of India within different projects. Our placements include teaching English, construction helper ,office assistant, field worker, health and sanitation, music & dance training ,environmental awareness , food preparation & distribution, community development projects and soccer & yoga training to the needy kids. Our foremost goal is to help needy people. All our volunteers are provided with a unique experience. Our flexible approach means that you will be given a placement to suit your needs and time scale.

We are builing mobile schools for slum childrens, so that they can get some education where ever they go with their parents working as labour in various parts of city.

Helping young girls in orphanages / slum, teaching them knitting, cooking, english, computers etc so that they can make living of their own using such skill sets.

Delivering medicines to aged people living with not much help around. Old age care centers are deployed to take care of such needy people.