Whether you're looking for the experience of charity work abroad, summer volunteer work, a career break, or just a wonderful and meaningful travel experience, Green Age offers a variety of programs and opportunities in India.

ManavSewa provides opportunities to work with local people. We have designed certains projects that may suits your skill sets.

These projects will help you gaining insight in life of those living in / with tough conditions. Your helping hand will be a big support to these needy people.

We are looking for active members and volunteers for following sub-committees :

  • Advisory Committee
  • Working Committee
  • Literacy Committee
  • Social and Cultural Committee
  • Religious and Adventure Committee
  • Health and Medical Benefit Committee
  • Educational Committee
  • Environment and Natural Disaster Committee
  • Sports Games Recreation Committee
  • Media and Press Release Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Award Committee
  • International Committee
  • Old Person & Senior Citizen Safety/Security Committee
  • Poor Women & Children Welfare Committee
  • Urban & Rural Development Committee
  • NRI Entire World .

You can work with us as :

  • An educationalist
  • A community coordinator
  • A healthcare services consultant
  • An awareness activist
  • A child specialist
  • A self-employment coordinator
  • A carer for disabled & orphaned children
  • An environmentalist

Just discuss your skill set with us and we will try our best to fit you in.

Our Programmes :
  • Teach street children
  • Orphans care { mainly girls }
  • Young girls and women empowerment
  • Work with the mentally challenged
  • Help the blind
  • Care for leprosy patients
  • Work with ambulance
  • Language and cultural immersion program