Aims & Objective



The Name of the Society shall be "MANAV SEWA CHARITABLE SOCIETY"
All Over India
The office of the society shall remain  In the NCT of Delhi and at present is its  following addresses:

Plot No. 51, Pocket-D-16,
Sector-7, Rohini, Delhi-110085.

The aims of the objects for which the Society is established are as under :

  • To create the sense of brother hood, co-operation mutual, harmony, love and affection amongst members and to help them in distress by the take up the matter with the authority concerned.
  • To make representation to various authorities of govt. /semi govt. On behalf of the member of society.
  • To assist its members for getting essential civic amenities.
  • To solve its members on various problems of the day to day.
  • To hold and participate in conferences for getting/exchange of and discussions of subject of the interest of the society.
  • To contribute to the society, cultural, medical sports and educational health betterment of the members of the society.
  • To collaborate with any other society/having similar objects.
  • To collaborate and organize program for manual physical and society development for welfare of the people women and children concerned areas.
  • All the income of the society shall be utilized towards the promotions of aims and objects of the society.
  • To apply of the arise founds, subscriptions, grant-in-aid, loans, donations in the consistence with objects and activities of the society, subject.
  • To publish, news letter, books, charts periodically highlighting of cancer.
  • To cautions the masses against the use of drugs, and to counter of cancer.
  • To perform all such as may be necessary for the above mentioned accomplishment of the above mentioned aims and objects.
  • To run hospitals, dispensaries, vyayamshala, dharamshala, drama stage, play ground, pooja sthals, anganwari, prodhshiksha kendrea, highselters, rest houses of tirath yatree's shiv kanwar sewa's langer, bhandara by the society members at the time to time in the concerned areas.
  • To receive accept, purchase, sell, take on lease, exchange acquired moveable immovable properties or a rights and privileges necessary such terms and conditions as may be thought fari on expedient for fulfilling the aims and objects of the society after approval by the competent authority.
  • To settled the disputes if any amicably between the members.
  • To pursue with various agencies i.e. Mcd, dda, govt., of nct delhi, regarding the as matters relating to the speedy development of the society.
  • To provide free/confessional education to the hopeless poor's and needy children specially to the handicapped children's.
  • To arrange and organize various kind of children welfare programmes activities/medical camps etc.
  • To arrange for marriages of poor's girls.
  • To open centers/institutes for diagnostic curative and research of cancer aids, and for other deadly disease.
  • To give cultural education in music instrument and dance academically and professionally to the needy student for the education given free of charge number of student taken this benefit.
  • To approach the farmers and the people connected with agricultural and provide them the latest technology and the research information in the fields of agriculture for the betterment of farmers/agriculturists.
  • To hold exhibition and fair by selling cultural activities etc. And giving the proper guidance to the public.
  • To open, run continue educational and vocational schools or institutions in healthy surrounding conductive to the needy as per govt. Rules.
  • To engage teachers, instructors and experts of good moral character and conduct, able to impart up to date knowledge and instructions, efficiently economically to the pupils and students in modern sciences, industrial vocations, research work and other intellectually useful pursuits and to all those connected with the institution so as to make the good citizens.
  • To establish an educational institution, maintain and run a boarding house, residential institutions for the students and those connected with the institutions into other branches as per govt. Rules.
  • To accept, purchase, take on lease, exchange, hire or otherwise acquire and also to sell give on lease, mortgage, or otherwise lawfully deal with any immovable property acquire any right privileges for the purpose as per govt. Rules.
  • To invest, dispose off, transfer and otherwise deal with the subject and various other matters of the society.
  • To accept gifts, donations grants, presents and other offerings and to deal with the same for the use of the society.
  • To train and equip the pupils so as to be self-supporting in an honorable and decent way of life so as to develop into good healthy and progressive citizen.
  • To bring out, encourage and develop the incentive and research facilities of the pupils by the teachers and to afford opportunity for research work in art science and industrial workings.
  • To receive financial and non-financial assistance from govt. /non. Govt. Organization, international bodies, banks, company, and any other legal entity or individual for affiancing the objects of the organization and to fulfill the needs of the people.
  • To accept donations, grants, presents, gifts and other offerings ( in the shape of moveable or immoveable properties) and the same shall be utilized for the promotion of aims & objects of the above society.
  • To purchase/ acquire lands for society purpose and other establishments and to construct building thereon for the cause of society.
  • To erect, construct, alter, maintain, sell, lease, mortgage, transfer, improve, manage and / or develop all any part of the property or the building of the above society necessary or convenient for the purpose of the attainment of the aims and objects of the society.
  • To perform all such acts as may be necessary for the achievement and accomplishment of the above mentioned aims and objects and allied social activities.
  • To open and maintain schools colleges and other concern with employment education for the children women and elder person.
  • To such other things/acts/activities, which are necessary and which may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the objects of the society.
  • To such other things/acts/activities, which are necessary and which may be incidental or conducive to the attainment of any of the objects of the society.
  • Society will invest its surplus, money and funds according to sections-11 (5) of the income tax act, 1961.
  • To organize medical health care centers and organize medicine distribution camps among the poor's and needy peoples of urban and rural areas all india level.
  • The society will undertake works related to research, training, production, marketing, workshop, seminars, conference on education, health, social justice, women and child, textiles, agriculture, rural development of handicrafts, handloom, khadi & other village industry etc.
  • To organize equivalency programme through open learning system through india level.
  • To encourage games and sports like yoga, judo, marshal arts, hockey, cricket, badminton, football, chess and other national games' sports for the improvement of health amongst the youth and children's.
  • To upliftment of the peoples and raise their legal demands and fundamental right as provided in the constitution of india.
  • To take up the cause of the peoples in general in order to protect them from social exploitation from certain vested interests.
  • To open found, establish, promote set-up, run, maintain, finance, support and/or help the various charitable, educational, industrial, technical/non technical, vocational, agricultural & community, development programmes all india level.
  • To open, found , establish, promote set-up, maintain, assist, finance, support and/or help the various community, development programmes/ activities and also construct and develop the community halls, marriages, homes, dharamshala, night-shelters shochalayas, old age homes, orphanages, day/health care centers, charitable dispensaries, hospitals, libraries, reading rooms, play ground, stadium (both open and indoors) yoga training centers, marshal arts centers, gymnasiums, sangeetalyas & nritalayas. ( music and dance training centers) anganwaries, balwaries, mahila ashrams,studio and drama stage and other buildings/institutions for the use of general public and for the welfare of the general public.
  • To take up effective, reasonable and lawful steps for the eradication of social evils such as dowry system, child marriage, child labour, wastage of money in various functions and use of intoxicated drugs/wine/smoking etc.
  • To make adequate arrangements to start the rehabilitation centers and other schemes/projects for destitute, widows, old men and women, the poor's, beggars, physically and mentally handicapped persons, blinds, deaf, dumb, prisoner and the allied.
  • To help the poor's and indigent persons in marriage of their daughters and son by way of cash donations or otherwise and to distribute cloths, foods, and other necessaries of daily life among the poor's, orphans and other indigent persons.
  • To give, provide and /or render monetary as well as non-monetary and/or other help and assist for the relief of persons and animals affected by the national and other calamities, such as floods, fire, famines, cyclones, earth quakes, storms, and accidents, pretences, droughts, epidemics, unbearable cost of living and the like and to give donations, subscriptions, or contribution to institutions, establishments, centre or person doing relief work on such occasions.
  • To approach and encourage the people to donate, dhotis, blankets, woolen, cotton silk cloths and other article of daily use to the needy men, women and children's.
  • To work for moral values and moral armament of the peoples and to maintain human dignity and decorum and to help the street children's, by providing them foods, education and medical care.
  • To create a forum for senior citizens where they can exchange their various precious views and experiences which may be made available to the younger generation for their benefits.
  • To follow the ideology of great men and national leaders who sacrificed their lives for our nation and to work for the motto better we - better society.
  • To render services to the women, children's & youth of the country for their actual moral, social and legal rights.
  • To help in providing learning, material, financial help, disability certified, rail or bus passes, and preparation for various competitive examinations for the betterment.
  • To educate peoples and organize various kinds of awareness programmes / activities regarding consumer protection law and rights 0f the public in this connection.
  • To work for the promotion of useful knowledge and advancement in Indian art, culture and philosophy.
  • To prepare marketing awareness generating kits like posters, banners, audio-video cassette, nukkad nataks, puppet shows, skits and documentation etc.
  • To establish and maintain institutions for the handicapped, blinds, deaf, dumb, SC, ST, minorities, backwards classes and other needy peoples to provide them the training of household industries, semi-skilled jobs and also provide them other requirements like hostels, medical-aid cloths, food, transportation and economic assistance to start new business.
  • To assist the government to implement all the programmes for the welfare of poor's and needy persons through India level.
  • To conduct coaching classes for the poor's SC/ST/OBC students for preparation for various competitive examinations and to meet traveling, boarding and lodging expenses for students going abroad for higher studies/education and also help them in all possible ways. To offer prizes and grant scholarship to deserving students and also provide them all possible facilities to the students who are interested to go abroad for higher education. 66. To open centers/institutes for diagnostic, curative research of cancer, HIV/AIDS/TB and other deadly disease and to arrange and organize eye and blood donations camps all over India level.
  • To make best effort and organize various kind of programmes and/or activities relating to family planning and to diffuse useful knowledge about the medicines, equipments, method, etc, used for family planning and also to provide the family counseling facilities
  • To make arrangements for mobile emergency van/ ambulance for the victims of road accidents, to provide help to pregnant women to shift them to nearby hospitals and also provide assistance to the old in case of emergency.
  • To promote the interest of peoples in environment, sense of interagation self employment, family planning, sanitation etc. By making AUDIO-VIDEO VISUALS, TELE FILMS, T.V SERIALS AND DOCUMENTARIES.
  • To conduct training and research programmes for pollution control (in water, air, atmosphere, disease due to pollution and to maintain, develop and protest forests, environment, and species of the kingdoms of life. (Animals, birds, plants, herbs etc) wild life and other natural gifts helping to support the preservation of environment.
  • To encourage the workers of the society by granting them prizes, awards, certificates etc. For their special contribution in the pollution control in residential and institutional areas and also for their research work in this field.
  • To provide useful information, education, knowledge and medical advice to the general public, regarding the vices of society like smack, smoking, hukka, alcohol, wine etc. Though holding awareness camps, for de-addition and also organizes the lectures by expert term of doctors, journalist's lawyer and professionals etc.
  • To collect information, notices, notifications, policies from the government, semi government, national/international agencies and NGO and provide them the same to the members of the society and general public.
  • To provide legal, medical, social, and economical help and assistance to the needy and weaker section of the society.
  • To organize tour programmes for NRI & foreigners to promote Indian culture.
  • To organize Hindi gyan pratiyogita and distribute awards/prizes to create interest in Hindi literature.
  • To undertake and organize activities to various human spheres such as
  • The activities and the branches of the society shall be purely for charitable purpose, which includes relief of the poor educational, social, medical etc. And the advancement of any other matter of general public utility and to improve health, education &socio-economic conditions of community through voluntary efforts.
  • To work for providing facilities of cold storage and warehousing to the farmers and to implement all the schemes of ministry of food processing and to work for the transfer of modern technology and using of science for obtain optimum results in the area of operations.
  • To provide healthy environment by providing tree plantation on the side roads, parks, street, fields, river waste land, and rocky tracks all over India level.
  • To organize and raise funds, including donations towards the pm/cm relief fund.
  • To hire and take community halls, barat ghar, basti vikas kendra etc. To run social welfare activities through our society. MANAV SEWA CHARITABLE SOCIETY.
  • To provide mid day meals to all schools provided by the state government/ MCD etc. All over India

All the incomes, earnings, moveable/or immovable properties of the society shall be solely utilized and applied towards the promotion of its aims and objects only as set forth in the memorandum of the society and no profit on thereof shall be paid or transferred directly of whatsoever to the present or past members of the society or to any person claiming through anyone or meet of the present or the past members "no member of the society shall have any personal claim on any moveable or immovable properties of the society or make any profits, whatsoever, by virtue of this membership.