About Us

The word "Development" noted denotes the breaking of the cobweb of Society in a static society. It is not limited to the outer facet make by brick and morter. It is a paradigm of change in knowledge, attitude, skills and practice and improving the quality of life of the people, generally. It is achieved through education and designing and implementing programs of socio-economic, culture development with the effective participation make the development permanent. Today in an era of modern democracy based on cooperation and participation, the ancient though of charity, the old values regarding assistance to others and thought thinking of social welfare are rarely observed to others and traditional thinking of social welfare are rarely observed. So, it seems genuine and important that voluntary activities must be coupled and performed on institutional level. These activities must be coupled with professional abilities and methodology, and this way the advancement of modern concepts should be developed as per the needs of social and cultural requirements of the civic society.


Empowerment of the Dalits and the marginalized sections of the society of the society by social animation, raising their educational, social, economic and health status.


We visualize a society based on justice, equity and fullness welfare for all.


  • To promote public cooperation and voluntary action in planned program.
  • To develop and strengthen organizations and institutions for building their capacities for socio-economic development.
  • To conduct, sponsor and promote research and training in the field of social welfare and child development.
  • To establish, maintain and assist family life institutions, counseling centers and undertake other activities for the promotion of healthy family and interpersonal living.

            As per our vision, mission and concerns we have intervened to "reach to the to the unreached" through "participatory learning and action" and a strategy for   sustainable living:

  • Developing environmental sustainability among the tribal - the victims of modern pace of development, deforestation, displacement and environment degradation through.
  • Community based natural resource management.
  • Capacity building for environmental management by environmental education/sensitization with the culture dimension.
  • Putting women as core care taker of environment.
  • Community based health care in the remote and unserved areas through.
  • Primary curative services and appropriate referral system.
  • Preventive and promotive care through culturally-adopted IEC/health education.
  • School health program.
  • Maintenance by local people/village health committees.
  • Popularizing traditional health practices.
Integrated development for sustainable livelihood for women and people living below poverty line through:
  • Orientation and creation of SHGs
  • Training for appropriate income-generating activities.
  • Linking with existing government sponsored programs under IRDP Child & Bonded Labour Eradication.

Elementary education to the non-school going, poor and drop-out children through:

  • Community based curriculum framed in local idiom.

Training and Consultancy to CBOs on.

  • Community diagnosis & need assessment.
  • Project formulation, appraisal and evaluation.
  • Management of community based health care & development projects.

Lobbying advocacy and campaign on the issues of :

  • Small Marginal farmers.
  • Anti-drug, alcohol & tobacco.
  • Grow your own medicine.
  • Male participation in RCH activities.
Research and documentation on various aspects of ecological, socioeconomic, and epidemiological aspects of issues pertaining to sustainable development.